Delivery boy arrested for attempted rape in Bengaluru

Shabnam Rani attacked

In another shocking incident in Bengaluru, taking advantage of the fact that she was alone, a courier guy allegedly tried to rape a Chinese lady in her own flat.  The incident happened in Whitefield, which is the hub for multinational companies in the city, and the culprit has since been arrested.

According to the complainant, the delivery boy wrote down his name in the visitor’s register at the security gate, but he mentioned a wrong mobile number there which indicates that the attempt was a pre-planned crime. The Chinese woman was with her three-year-old son in the flat while her husband, a software engineer was in office. When the doorbell rang, she opened the door to take the courier from the delivery boy. Trusting an unknown person (which no one should do), she asked him to leave the parcel on a table in the hall and went into the bedroom to her son.

The boy followed her till there, grabbed her from behind and tried to tear her clothes off. As the initial shock wore off, she managed to fight back and threw him out of her flat immediately. He then tried to enter the flat again flat but seeing her scream loudly he fled the area. Coping up with the situation, she then called her husband whose office was nearby area. Her husband first called the guards of the apartment and asked them to ensure her safety till he got there. He reached there and the couple reported a police complaint.

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“The communication gap was because they did not know the procedure to file a complaint. They thought that security officers of the apartment would lodge the complaint. There was further delay after they went to the wrong police station before being directed to the Whitefield police station. Soon after they filed complaint we learnt that the courier was delivered by RV Logistics. So we rushed to their office and managed to catch him. The arrested is identified as Girish 23, a native of Chintamani residing in the city. He was produced before the magistrate and has been sent to judicial custody”, a senior police officer told Bangalore Mirror.

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There have been scores of incidents of women being harassed, attacked and molested on Bengaluru roads recently. But the guts of the courier boy that he entered the home is disturbing on another level. If women aren’t safe in their own houses, then there is very little hope that they will be protected outside on the streets.

Feature Image Credit: indianexpress

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