Delhi Worst In World For Sexual Violence, Says Poll

Charvi Kathuria
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According to a poll conducted by Thompson Reuters Foundation, Delhi has earned the notoriety of being the worst megacity in the world for sexual violence.


The foundation conducted the survey online and by telephone. Twenty experts in each city were compiled from a database of women rights' experts. Those interviewed included academics, non-government organisations, healthcare staff, policy-makers, and social commentators.

The survey mentions that women residing in Delhi always feel at risk of rape, harassment and sexual attacks.

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The city is already known as the 'rape capital' of India

Delhi is also the fourth most dangerous megacity for women in the world. It scored badly in terms of factors affecting the overall well-being of its female citizens. For instance, Delhi doesn't score well on factors like women's access to economic resources, such as education, ownership of land or other forms of property, and financial services like bank accounts.

The survey also points out that Delhi lacks access to healthcare. Women do not have a proper control over their reproductive health.


Interestingly, Tokyo is seen as the safest city for women in terms of risks of sexual violence. In fact, Karachi is considered safer than Delhi when it comes to sexual violence

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"I'm not surprised by the results, as they're based on perceptions. India and Brazil have seen a lot of media attention on sexual violence in recent years," Rebecca Reichmann Tavares, Representative of the UN Women Office for India, who has also worked in Brazil, told Reuters.

The survey is a clarion call for the authorities to take stringent measures to help the city improve its tarnished image.

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