Delhi Woman Harassed By Uber Driver Shares Post On Social Media

Poorvi Gupta
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Uber seems to have become a repeat offender in harassing its female customers. A case or two keeps coming up in a few months to the public’s horror. Recently, a resident of Mehrauli, Probalika Boruah, shared her allegedly horrific account on social media platform -- Facebook. In the post, she wrote that she took an Uber cab in the morning to go to her office when the driver misbehaved with her.


It is becoming a matter of deep concern for the public to trust the US-based rental cab giant that came from US. Boruah shared her story about how the driver asked her personal questions which she wasn’t comfortable answering. When she tried to evade them by talking on the phone, the driver got angry and started to drive in a rash manner to get Boruah’s attention. This left Boruah shocked and she asked him to behave, after which he left her stranded in the middle of the trip.

This was not all. When Boruah started walking past the driver, he started following her. It was only when she pretended to read the car’s numberplate and complaining about the matter to someone else that the driver took another route.

What happened after this was even more appalling for Boruah. She writes in her post, “The story doesn’t end here. In the meantime, I wrote a feedback to Uber explaining about the incident and got a pop-up that they will call me.”

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“I got a call within 2 minutes. However, I couldn’t pick up as I was about to give the OTP to my OLA driver. Once I reached office, I called in the same number as advised by my friends and re-sent a feedback to Uber in written. I asked the person if he is from Uber and he was first confused and then told me he was from head office. When I was about to complain, he interrupted me and told me that the driver has made a complaint against me. I was really furious and narrated the entire incident. However, I didn’t feel that I was talking to someone in customer service, it seems to me that I was talking to the same driver. At last when I told him that I am going to make a police complaint, he told me the same driver will not come to pick me up again.”

“I tried to explain to him that how it can be disastrous if the same person picks other girls and there can be an incident in the future. However, he didn’t listen to me and told me he had spent enough time talking to me. I narrated this incident to one of my colleagues and he also listened to my recorded conversation with the Uber person. My friend told me that it can’t be any professional who has called me, but it has to be the driver himself or any of his friends. Then, my friend called in the same number and asked who it is; he replied that he is an Uber driver.”

Today, social media gives the power to everyone to raise their voices when something like this happens to them. If the account is true, then Boruah should report it to the police as such drivers need to be arrested to set an example for others to behave properly.

Boruah added a screenshot of the Uber driver’s details -- “Driver name - Sandeep (9015198372). Maruti Suzuki Ritz”

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