Delhi High Court offers Jobs to Acid Attack Survivors and Transgender

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The Delhi High Court has broken the glass ceiling and decided to hire five acid attack survivors and a person from the transgender community. The court took the decision after the Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA) brought their plight to the notice of the Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal.

Justice Mittal even interacted with the six persons before proceeding to offer them jobs at the High Court. On interacting with them, she realised that all six of them had been trying hard to get a job but their social status barred them from finding one.

The New Appointees

29-year-old Babli belongs to the transgender community and says that his family didn’t approve of his identity. Also, he had a fallout with the Hijra community he belonged to, which compelled him to look for a job.

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The other five appointees who are also brimming with joy to have been offered a job.

“I will give a portion of the first salary to my mother and save some for my future education”, one of them told TOI.

All six of them had been trying hard to get a job. However, their social status barred them from finding one.

All six of them are hopeful that this job would obviate them from the stigma attached to their identity.

Educational institutions all over the country have also started becoming more accepting of their identities. For instance, IGNOU has decided to enrol people of the transgender community. On the other hand, a lot of acid attack survivors are kick-starting their own businesses to lead a dignified life.

The Delhi High Court has taken a concrete step towards removing the stigma associated with these people. Other institutions must take a leaf from Delhi High Court and chalk out plans to reinstate them into the mainstream.

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