Delhi High Court Quashes False Rape FIR After Both Parties File Compromise Deed

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The Delhi High Court quashed a rape FIR filed by a woman under misguidance and wrong advice after both parties filed a compromise deed. It was subject to the condition that the woman would do social service for two months.

The accused in the FIR approached the Court seeking to quash the FIR after both parties entered a compromise deed. The FIR stated the petitioner offered a drink to the complainant after which she fell unconscious, following which the petitioner allegedly raped her.

However, the compromise deed acknowledged that the petitioner did not establish any physical relations with the complainant without her consent. According to the compromise deed, the complainant had a money dispute with the petitioner and filed the FIR under ill advice and misguidance.

Delhi High Court False Rape FIR

The Court quashed the FIR and said, “I am of the view that the conduct of respondent No. 2 is very unfair and is a total abuse and misuse of the process of law.” The Court added that the complainant stated, “She has been undergoing mental depression, as a result of which under misguided and wrong advice she has registered the FIR”.

Justice Jasmeet Singh said that the woman was unfair in her conduct and the criminal justice system was put in motion following her false FIR. The FIR was quashed by the court and the complainant was asked to work at a blind school, the All Indian Confederation of the Blinds. The complainant has to do social service and work at the school for a period of two months five days a week, three hours each day.

The petitioner was also directed by the Court to plant 50 trees in consultation with the Investigating Officer in the city’s Rohini Zone. The court said that each tree would have a nursey life of three years, and the petitioner would have to look after the allotted trees for five years. A status report along with photographs should be filed every six months.

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