Delhi: Two Factories Shut Down For Employing Child Labourers, 61 Rescued

delhi factories shut down for employing child labourers

A total number 61 child labourers including 13 girls were reportedly set free from two factories in Delhi. The children were employed as ‘bonded labourers for two long years. The footwear and the geyser manufacturing factories that employed the child labourers were forced to shut down and sealed by the authorities. The police have lodged cases against the factory owners.

A raid was executed by a non-profit organisation called Rescue Foundation with help from the local authorities in Delhi’s Nerala locality yesterday.

Reports reveal that the children aged between 12-17 years were trafficked from Bihar. They were being paid a meagre sum of Rs 100-150 per day, an amount way below the minimum pay.

“These children had been forced to work at these factories for the past two years. Both the factories have been sealed and action against owners has been initiated,” Triveni Acharya, chief of Rescue Foundation, said.   

Similar Incidents

A few weeks ago, the anti-human trafficking unit and volunteers of an NGO jointly rescued 37 children aged 12-17 years from various factories located at Sikander Market and AN Estate in Danilimda, Ahmedabad. The children were brought from the states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar. They were paid Rs 5,000- 12,000 a month for working at rubber factories, jeans washing units, etc. The kids were ill-treated and made to work for atleast 12 hours a day.

About a month ago, two minors from Bihar who fled from their employer were rescued from Bengaluru railway station. The boys aged 14 and 15 were made to work for 16 hours at a two-wheeler spare part manufacturing centre and a bag manufacturing centre.

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