Delhi Cops Help Out Stranded Woman

Priyanka Kamboj saved by cops

Two Delhi cops helped a woman reach home safely, after she was stranded on the streets at 1:30 am, after her car got a flat tyre.

Priyanka Kamboj tried calling for help. She said that she called various car services, but instead of helping, they asked for double or triple their usual fees.

“I was still willing to pay but then I saw this PCR stopping by, asking us what was wrong and they specially stopped and helped us change the tyre. Thank you so much ASI Om Prakash & ASI Daya Kishan – Police Station – Pul Prahalad Pur. Not only they helped us change the tyre, but made sure we reached home safely. Rebuilding faith in humanity!” Kamboj wrote in her Facebook post.

She shared her experience on Facebook on February 2, and since then, the post has gone viral. It has been shared more than 11,000 times and has 66,000 likes.

It is heartening to see police in the headlines for doing something helpful. The Delhi police have often made headlines for their ineptitude and failure to handle important situations.

We need to respect and celebrate policemen who go out of their way to do their jobs. Hopefully, their stories will inspire many other public servants and even citizens to step out and help those in need.

Sharing these kinds of incidents will make cops proud, and motivate them to continue doing good work, was one of the Facebook comments the post received.

We couldn’t agree more!

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