Delhi: 2-Year-Old Girl Mauled To Death By Stray Dogs, Family Seeks Action

According to locals, the loud music from a nearby DJ session drowned out the girl's screams during the attack. It wasn't until some bystanders intervened that she was freed from the dogs' grasp

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A two-year-old girl in Delhi lost her life in a heartbreaking incident on February 24, after being mauled by a pack of stray dogs. The tragedy occurred in the Tughlaq Lane area of Dhobhi Ghat, leaving the community in shock and raising concerns about stray dog management in the city.


Reportedly, the incident occurred around 6 pm on Saturday when the girl was playing outside her home when 4-5 dogs attacked the victim and dragged her about 100-150 meters mauling her in a dreadful condition. Toddler's shrieks were allegedly also muffled by the loud DJ session in the neighbourhood. 

Delhi: 2-Year-Old Girl Mauled To Death By Stray Dogs In Tughlaq Lane:

The family members of the deceased girl were inside the house at the time of the attack and it was only when a bystander informed the family they rushed to rescue the girl from the strays to find her sustaining severe injuries and in a "dreadful state." 

The victim's uncle told Times Of India, "Our hearts sank as we found her in a dreadful state. She was surrounded by blood. Her right ear was mauled by the dogs. She was practically torn apart."

According to the police complaint, the girl was immediately rushed to the hospital where she succumbed to the injuries. Her body was handed over to her family after the autopsy.  

Narrating the tragic incident, the complaint of the victim's family stated: "A pack of four to five dogs pounced on her, dragging her around 100-150 meters to a nearby lane where they fatally mauled her."


The incident has sparked outrage and grief, with the family demanding stricter measures to address the issue of stray dogs in the area. They have reportedly expressed concerns about individuals feeding the strays, potentially contributing to their behaviour.

The young girl's relative speaking to TOI also shared that another child of the family had been a victim of a similar dog attack a few months ago. To address the issue, the family approached the woman who feeds the dog in the locality, however, she did not cooperate but instead allegedly threatened the family. 

The relative also added that the locals of the area have repeatedly complained to several authorities about stray dogs in the area attacking several children, cats and chickens. 

A senior New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) told Press Trust of India regarding the incident that a team of veterinarians were sent to the area and after the spot verification it was found that the dogs were operated on, vaccinated, and sterilised. The officials are on the ground and early investigation revealed that some temporary cottages and dog shelters nearby have been feeding the strays while a police inquiry will make things clearer. 

This tragedy highlights the ongoing challenge of managing stray dog populations in urban areas. It underscores the need for a balanced approach that prioritises both public safety and animal welfare.

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