Deepika Padukone Makes It To The List Of 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World

Dr. Julian De Silva, a UK-based plastic surgeon conducts this computerised test which he calls the 'Golden Ration of Beauty'.

Trisha Majumder
Oct 17, 2022 16:40 IST
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Deepika Padukone becomes the only Indian to get on to the list of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In The World. Jodie Comer of Killing Eve fame makes it to the top of the list, thus becoming the most beautiful woman in the world.

Dr. Julian De Silva, a UK-based plastic surgeon conducts this computerised test which he calls the 'Golden Ration of Beauty'. It is based on an ancient Greek technique combined with a computerised mapping strategy that decides which face achieves the best score to be called the most beautiful face in the world.

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Who Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The World?

According to this technique, Silva has found out that Jodie Comer has the highest score followed by famous stars like Zendaya, Bella Hadid and Beyonce. Deepika Padukone has taken the ninth rank in the given list. In a report, Silva said, "Jodie Comer was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection. She had the highest overall reading for the positioning of her nose and lips, with a score of 98.7%, which is only 1.3% away from being the perfect shape." He continued saying, "Jodie also had the highest score for her nose width and length and she was near the top for the shape of her lips and the position of her eyes. The only element she was marked down for was her eyebrows which achieved an average score of 88%."


Deepika Padukone Most Beautiful Women List

Deepika Padukone is the only Indian to have gotten a place on the list. The list has Jodie Comer with 94.52 per cent, followed by Zendaya with 94.37 per cent, Bella Hadid with 94.35 per cent and followed by celebrities like Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Jourdan Dunn, Kim Kardashian, Deepika Padukone and HoYeon Jung. Deepika Padukone scored 91.22 per cent and the people named had their scores very close by.

This method of determining the beauty of the faces is Phi which is a mathematical technique which involves formulas to determine the perfect physique. It is said that the ancient Greeks believed that perfect beauty can be found with a specific ratio of a person's face and body and the ratio that gets closer to the perfect score of 1.618 which is also known as Phi, the person will be called most beautiful.

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