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Tips Deepika Padukone Shared For Prioritising Mental Health

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Deepika Padukone has been a driving force around mental health awareness campaigns for several years now. Padukone, who communicated her story about her deteriorating mental health some years back, has often shared how was diagnosed with depression and the steps she took to seek help and heal. She has thoroughly been active on social media leading the charge with several campaigns around mental health awareness and lending her voice to many others.

The actor-producer, who founded the LiveLoveLaugh foundation in 2015, recently shared several significant pointers that aim at helping prioritise mental health instead of sacrificing it.

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How to be ambitious without sacrificing your mental health

Padukone took to her Instagram to share a post focusing solely on the importance of keeping mental health a priority. She shared a few tips citing a leading magazine enabling the readers to understand why being ambitious should not lead to sacrificing mental health at any cost.  “Ambition can feel like a dirty word in this era of quiet quitting and Great Resignation. A lot of people have realised that an always-striving mindset can also come at a cost of mental wellness.

Research has linked chasing extrinsic goals, such as power, to anxiety and depression,” she wrote in her caption. Padukone, who has been undertaking several drives across the country through her foundation, added that while “abandoning ambition is not the outright solution to inner peace, the key, as per research, is harnessing that ambition towards a goal that well serves your wellbeing.”

Padukone, who celebrates her birthday on January 5, also makes it a point to always share initiatives towards mental healthcare around the time.

Deepika Padukone And Mental Health: Some of the significant pointers she shared from the article

  • Prioritise your relationships: Ambition can become harmful when it crowds out other important parts of life. If that drive comes at the expense of psychologically fulfilling things like strong relationships or autonomy over time, it can and will take a toll on one’s mental health.
  • Another important aspect Padukone highlighted was the urgency to stop monetising everything. The post, backed by data, revealed, that attaching external factors like money to activities that people enjoyed eventually decreased their internal motivation to do so, thereby leading to a decrease in mental well-being.
  • Other vital highlights from the post suggest that focusing on tasks and not rewards, striving for growth and, most importantly, practising gratitude are what will eventually pave the way to safeguarding mental well-being instead of sacrificing it.