Dealing With Hypertension

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Dealing with hypertension

Hypertension, or High Blood Pressure is a medical condition that leads to many other health problems like heart disease, kidney problems and stroke. Hypertension is the most prevalent chronic disease in India according to There are several reasons for developing this medical condition, and one of them is stress. In today's dog eat dog world, success comes with stress and the fear of failure too is stressful. With no time to take care of ourselves, we often also neglect our diet and intake of nutritious food. All these gaps add up to an unhealthy body which can lead to hypertension.


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Here's how you can make sure you avoid getting diagnosed with hypertension:

A nutritious diet

While many may wonder how helpful a nutritious diet can be, it is important to know that nutrients and vitamins are absolute essentials for a healthy body. Fruits and vegetables rich in potassium should be the go to foods everyone. Limit your intake of fat, sugar and calories to stay in the safe zone.

Exercise regularly

Physical activity is crucial to a healthy body. Your doctor will suggest it and so will anybody who cares about you and your health. A 30 minute workout, a run, a walk will help you moderate the blood pressure of your body to a healthy number. Exercising has many benefits other than just controlling high BP, as it is good for your body and your mind as well.


Reduce salt intake

A low sodium diet is something suggested by many doctors to keep your blood pressure normal. A lot of processed, tinned and canned food has extra salt which is harmful for your health and therefore one should be careful when consuming food from outside. At home too, make it a habit to not put extra salt in your food.

Stay aware of your weight

With obesity comes various other health issues that are difficult to go. It can cause heart diseases too. Obesity is one of the reasons of high BP and therefore keeping a check on your food intake becomes necessary. Controlling those hunger pangs should be your aim, eat to live, don't live to eat. Different body types have different apt weight; talk to your physician to tell you what is a healthy number for you.

Reduce alcohol

Yes yes, the weekend party that you're invited to has to have some rules! If you respect your body, your health will be in a super state. Alcohol contains sugar, that can spike up your insulin, and other functions of your body to an extent that can make it exhausted. Now we wouldn't want to mess with our body system, would we?


Getting a regular health check-up should be on your to do list. Women especially need to take care of themselves as they often prioritise their family's needs before their own.

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