DCW Writes to Sushma Swaraj to help 45 Indian women Trapped in Oman

Child Lock,

DCW has received a notification from an NGO stating that 45 Indian women are allegedly stranded in Oman. The Chief of  Delhi Commission for Women, Swati Maliwal, wrote to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj urging for intervention. Navsrishti, an NGO associated to DCW, sent information on the women reportedly trapped in Oman. The women who contacted the NGO and complain about their living condition desire to be reunited with their families back in India.

A DCW press release said, “Many women from states like Pondicherry, Haryana and Punjab are trapped in Oman at the moment. These women have claimed that they went to Dubai in search of better employment. The agents had promised them nursing work in Dubai. They were placed in Dubai for a while. Later they were taken to Oman and handed over to an agent there. The agent placed them in houses across Oman as maids. Their employers have misbehaved with them and also gave them lot of work. The employers even deprived them of food at times and beat them up as well.”

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The release alleges that the women don’t even have their passport and claimed that they had approached the Indian Embassy in Oman for help several times but failed to receive any support.

Swati Maliwal on knowing the condition of these women, wrote a letter seeking Swaraj’s intervention in the issue. She also asked for a meeting with the minister. She added that the cabinet minister has been extremely proactive in such matters. The commission is confident that help will be on its way.

“We have received a representation from NGO Navshrishti which has received calls from certain women in Oman stating they… are unable to come back to India. The case appears to be that of human trafficking,” Maliwal said in the letter.

Picture credit:  Hindustan Times

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