Body Cameras On Cops Can Record Interaction With Citizens: DCW Chief

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The Delhi Commission for Women Chief Swati Malliwal has suggested that the police make use of body cameras to lower incidents of bad behaviour by its personnel. Malliwal wrote to Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik stating that documenting encounters of police with the public may actually help increase their accountability and hence improve their exchange with people.

Malliwal pointed out that the police of USA are mandated to use body cameras during the course of their work

“Body cameras are cameras attached physically to the uniform of the police officers and record their surroundings during the course of their work, and are switched on as soon as a case is allocated to them. The use of body cameras significantly reduces the chances of police misconduct,” wrote Malliwal in her letter.

She pointed that the police of USA are mandated to use body cameras during the course of their work. The results from several studies in the United States point towards improvement in police behaviour due to use of body cameras. Further, body camera footage has proved valuable in investigations into police misconduct.

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“In light of the above, the Delhi Commission for Women strongly recommends the Delhi Police to introduce the use of body cameras for all police personnel. As a pilot project, body cameras can be introduced for police officers dealing with PCR and crimes against women. If required, the funds for the same may be sought from Nirbhaya Fund,” she added.

In 2015, the Delhi Traffic police had promised to procure body cameras after a traffic police officer hit a woman on the road following an argument in Golf Links area. This had created massive public outrage.

However, two years on, not much has been done in this regard.

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