Day 2: SXonomics Performed at Women Writers’ Fest


SXonomics is an initiative to project feminism as a fun and relevant way of life. The brainchild of Ramya Pandyan and Dr. Ishmeet Nagpal, SXonomics uses satire, improv, poetry, music and audience-inclusive performance. Ramya Pandyan, better known as IdeaSmith, is an author, digital professional and a youth influencer. As a blogger and spoken word artiste, she has been a rallying cry against patriarchy for over a decade. Her work covers urban life, relationship politics and modern womanhood. Dr.Ishmeet Nagpal is a dentist turned social activist who has worked in Punjab, Karnataka, Haryana and Maharashtra. As director of Project Manasvi, she conducts workshops and sensitization sessions on gender, sexuality and mental health.

The duo tackled issues such as body and slut shaming, the labels of being a girl, the ideal woman, marriage as a contract, toxic masculinity, the friend zone, self-love, sanskaar, what will people say, parental permission, social approval, alcohol, dating, periods, patriarchy, glorification of female sacrifice and struggle, adolescence and maturation, among many other issues.

They spoke of all the imaginable and factual intricacies and nuances within these topics. The star segment of their performance was their satirical piece on “Consent ko maaro goli.” All this to the tune of famous Bollywood songs and the one Doordarshan tune.

 It is testimony to their art as performers that although the words of their pieces were contradictory to their message (satire), the audience was in sync with what the duo was trying to say.

They didn’t miss a beat and the room was spellbinded. This is something few performers can accomplish.

Their performance could also be interpreted as a representation of the world where one says something and believes or does another. The difference is that Ishmeet and Ramya set the record right! Sxononomics’ performance was extremely thought provoking. It is also interesting to note that the duo is extremely intersectional in their feminism.  The 45 minute spoken word was one the audience will remember.


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