David Guetta’s Concert Cancelled In Bengaluru, #NewYearHorror The Reason

David Guetta's Bengaluru Concert Cancelled

Grammy Award-winning DJ and music producer David Guetta’s much awaited show of India’s electronic music festival was cancelled. While reasons for not going ahead with his show at Sunburn in Bangalore were not specified, the information was put on a Facebook post. The Bengaluru police hasn’t admitted to it being a law and order issue though that’s what’s been said by a lot of people, in the aftermath of the mass molestations on New Year’s Eve. Bangalore police reportedly says there is a plan to reschedule the concert “subject to approval from the artist and the respective authorities,”as reported by NDTV.

If you’re wondering what could possibly be the reason behind this unfortunate drop out, let’s refresh our memory a bit. The recent horrific incidents of mass molestations and assault of women on New Year’s Eve in Bengaluru central districts is being considered a big reason for this cancellation.

And of course, Bangalore cancelling a concert is the solution here?

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The organisers were apparently strictly told to put an end to this concert because of the law and order concerns. Entrepreneurs and women in Bangalore are openly saying the city not safe anymore. But has this got the police buckled under to believe banning or cancelling is the solution to not finding a way to make the city safe?

In an interview to Radio and Music, Sunburn Global CEO Karan Singh stated, “Due to the present law and order situation in Bengaluru following the events that transpired around New Year’s Eve, the authorities have recommended against holding the David Guetta concert scheduled today in the city. We at Sunburn tried our very best to make it happen but the authorities understandably are not prepared to take any chances. Hence, today’s concert unfortunately stands cancelled.”

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We believe it’s another way of denying responsibilities?

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Karan Singh said, “We at Sunburn tried our very best to make it happen but the authorities understandably are not prepared to take any chances” adding that Guetta’s other shows in other cities would go on as scheduled.

With another lame excuses as this, the police have proved the fact that they are in deep fear and cannot take the risk once again. Of David Guetta’s four-city tour, Bengaluru was the first stop.

Wake up authority and have a cross check on your lack of safety measures so that no one would have to lock herself up behind the doors!!

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Feature Image Credit: India Today

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