Daughter Harassed, Father Stabbed, While Onlookers Made Videos

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A young woman was allegedly harassed on Saturday evening on the streets of Delhi’s Basaidarapur area while returning from hospital along with her father and brother. When the father and the brother tried to intervene, father was stabbed to death and the brother was beaten up badly allegedly by four people. The 21 years old brother is in a critical condition and is struggling for his life in a Delhi hospital. While all of this was happening, no onlooker tried to stop the alleged harassers. In fact they were making videos, the survivor told the media.

“Even after my repeated pleas for help, no one confronted the accused. The ‘eye-witnesses’ were busy making videos of the incident,” she said, India Today reported.

“I was pleading for help. But no one helped my father and brother. The accused had threatened that those who came to help them would also be thrashed,” she added.

It has been reported that the women of the family of the accused persons allegedly handed them the knife and provoked them to stab them. “No one is sharing those videos of the incident as the accused have threatened them of the consequences. The video could be crucial evidence against the accused,” the 26-year-old survivor said.

Some neighbours of the woman have expressed regret in not having saved the situation and helped her father and brother which cost them the woman’s father’s life. “We wanted to help, but we all fear for our families. The accused have indulged in various crimes. A few days ago, they had thrashed a boy causing him serious injuries,” said a local resident.

The deceased father has been identified as a 51-year-old man named Dhruv Tyagi. It has been reported that he was a businessman who sold electrical items. The police have arrested four accused in the case of whom two persons are minors.

“I was pleading for help. But no one helped my father and brother. The accused had threatened that those who came to help them would also be thrashed”

“I found them attacking my father and brother with stones… they even threatened to get a gun and shoot us all. I begged them to stop, but they grabbed me by the neck and pulled my hair. I saw them stabbing my father and brother with knives,” she recalled, NDTV reported.

While others only watched the events unfold, one man tried to intervene. “I rescued the daughter first. There were other people at the spot too – watching, taking videos on their mobile phones – but none of them wanted to help. I somehow managed to take the father to the hospital, but it was too late already,” he said.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal promptly condemned the incident. “The Delhi Police must take the strongest action against the guilty,” he said in a tweet.


One girl who resides in the area commented on the overall safety issue of the area particularly at night and said, “I don’t like this area. After 9 pm, people get drunk and come out on the streets. I always make sure I get home before eight.”

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