Won’t Ask My Daughter To Back Out Of Protests: Aishe Ghosh’s Mother

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The unprecedented violence in Jawaharlal Nehru University on Sunday night, has left everyone is shock and horror. A group of masked goons barged into the university campus and unleashed violent attacks on students and teachers in the hostel. Reportedly, the JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh was brutally beaten-up and injured by the masked infiltrators. Meanwhile, her father expressed his concerns about his injured daughter and the terror and violence that have erupted in the country. He called the whole incident as volatile and uncertain and that nobody knows who the next victim will be.  While on the other hand, her mother condemned the silence and inactivity of JNU’s Vice-Chancellor towards the protests and the several incidents that have followed and demanded his resignation.

Today my daughter, tomorrow someone else, says Ghosh’s father

According to News 18, hours after Ghosh was brutally beaten up in the University campus, her father said, “The situation of the entire country is volatile. We are afraid. My daughter has been attacked, tomorrow someone else will be beaten up. Who knows, even I may be beaten up tomorrow.”

Key Takeaways:

  • JNUSU President Aishe Ghosh received head injuries after being brutally attacked by the masked infiltrators in JNU violence of Sunday night.
  • Her father says the whole country is in a volatile situation. Today his daughter has been attacked, tomorrow someone can be. 
  • Ghosh’s mother condemned JNU VC for not engaging in any dialogue about fee-hike with the student protestors.
  • But she says she won’t stop her daughter from protesting says Ghosh’s mother.

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After Ghosh was allegedly singled out and brutally beaten up by the masked people with an iron rod, she was left with a severe head injury. Immediately, she was taken to AIIMS where she was treated with five stitches on the head and discharged on the morning of January 6. Her father further added, “I have not spoken to my daughter directly. Others there have told me of the incident, that there was violence. The peaceful movement was raging for long. There were five stitches on her head. We are worried.”

Commenting on the political context of the violence, he added, “Leftists face resistance everywhere. She is with the Left movement. Everybody, everywhere tries to resist Left movement.”

I will never stop my daughter from protesting, says Ghosh’s mother

On the other hand, Ghosh’s mother condemned JNU Vice-Chancellor M. Jagadesh Kumar of the University who reportedly refrained from engaging in any dialogue with the student protestors about the fee hike and remained inactive in every incident that happened after. According to News 18, she said, “The VC should resign. He is not doing anything. He is not entering into a dialogue with the students. So many incidents are taking place.”

Encouraging her daughter and other student protestors in JNU, she defiantly said that she will never stop her daughter from participating in the protests. According to News 18, she further said, “There are so many boys and girls with her in this movement. They are all injured, some more, some less. I will never ask her to back out of the protests.”

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