Caught On Cam: Dalit Woman Assaulted By Police Officer In Bihar

A video has emerged capturing the alleged assault of a Dalit woman by a police officer in broad daylight. The officer in question, identified as Raj Kishore Singh, was seen in uniform, using a stick to strike the woman amidst a crowd of onlookers.

Oshi Saxena
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In a shocking incident that unfolded in the public eye in Bihar's Sitamarhi, a Dalit woman fell victim to alleged police brutalityThe officer in question, identified as Raj Kishore Singh, is seen wielding a stick, and the distressing footage has ignited a storm of controversy and concern on social media.


The disturbing incident, captured in a viral video, has ignited widespread controversy, shedding light on the challenges faced by marginalized communities and raising questions about law enforcement accountability.

The Viral Video

The video captures the moment when Police Officer Raj Kishore Singh, donned in uniform, allegedly assaults a woman with a stick in public view. Spectators stand by as the distressing scene unfolds, highlighting a concerning breach of trust in the conduct of a law enforcement officer. The victim, who reportedly engaged in a public altercation with another woman, faced the wrath of the officer's aggression. The graphic nature of the footage has ignited public outrage and demands for accountability.

Despite her attempts to shield herself from the relentless blows, none of the onlookers intervened to assist the victim. The incident highlights not only the brutality inflicted on a defenseless individual but also the apathy of those present at the scene.

Official Response and Controversial Silence


Despite the gravity of the situation portrayed in the video,  Sitamarhi Police swiftly issued a statement in response to the incident, asserting that the use of force captured in the video was an attempt to separate two women engaged in a street altercation. Vinod Kumar, Sub-divisional Police Officer (SDPO), provided a video statement linking the incident to the kidnapping of a girl. He clarified that the girl had been rescued, but a subsequent clash between the involved parties outside the police station led to the use of force to disperse the crowd.

Political Reaction

BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla weighed in on the incident, alleging a disturbing trend of excessive use of force in Bihar. Poonawalla highlighted the alleged "lathi charge" on citizens while criminals enjoyed freedom in the state. 

In the aftermath of this incident, questions arise about the plight of Dalits in Bihar. The alleged assault on a Dalit woman brings attention to larger issues of discrimination and violence faced by marginalized communities. Advocates and leaders, including Poonawalla, invoke the concept of "Dalit Lives Matter," calling upon political figures like Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi to address the situation.

The alleged assault on a Dalit woman by a police officer in Sitamarhi is a broader reflection of governance, accountability, and the protection of the rights of marginalized communities in Bihar.

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