Current trends helping working women

With changing times, women are now getting support from their families and employers to meet their potentials and be actively involved with their work. This new environment is helping women overcome obstacles like gender parity and work-life balance. Certain trends further give women a push: who up until now did not have it easy.


The emergence of female role-models. The positive impact of having role models has been emphasized by many professional experts. Many argue that women looking for a gender neutral environment shouldn’t specifically look for a special gendered role model. May be in a few decades they won’t. But today, the challenges both men and women face are different and the way they deal with them is dissimilar as well. At such a time having women like, Indra Nooyi, Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer to look up to, motivates women and gives them something to aspire to.


More flexibility. In recent times, companies have become more accommodating and flexible in terms of times and space. Once, the only way to work was to take a nine to five, or a seven to seven working job. This made it extremely difficult for women with other responsibilities to have full-time jobs. With provisions like working from home for certain number of days in a month, getting paid leaves for health and maternity reasons etc.; have made it much easier for women to have successful careers.


[Picture Courtesy: She knows Australia]


Entrepreneurship. Currently, one-third starters of new ventures are women. Being an entrepreneur gives women the flexibility and freedom that mostly is not possible when you are working for someone. There are great opportunities online to help women with not much capital, to start businesses- something that was very difficult a few years back. Along with this there are support groups and other networks that make entrepreneurship a much easier task than it used to be.


Revolution in technology. The same devices that help us get more flexible with work, keep us connected and updated with employers/employees and clients. Social media and online advertising have made marketing cheaper for budding entrepreneurs and helped with cost-cutting. Handling pay etc, have all been made easier with change in the technological advancement.