Body Of COVID-19 Positive Baby Abandoned By Parents In Jammu Hospital

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COVID-19 Positive Baby Abandoned By Parents: Shri Maharaja Gulab hospital in Jammu witnessed an incident where the parents of a two-month-old baby abandoned the deceased baby’s body who tested positive for COVID-19.

According to reports from the hospital staff and officials, the parents refused to take responsibility for the body of their two-month-old COVID-19 positive baby after its death on May 2. The hospital staff reported that the parents could not be convinced to take the body after much persuasion from the hospital staff.

The baby’s body has been kept temporarily in the hospital morgue at the moment. The hospital officials have said that they have been continuously trying to get in touch with the parents but have had no luck in getting through to them so far.

An official at the hospital said that the parents ran away soon after hearing the news of their baby testing positive for the virus. “The baby had congenital heart issues and died after testing positive for COVID-19. The parents ran away soon after. They left the hospital without taking the body of their baby,” said the official.

The COVID-19 cases have seen a major surge in various Indian states in the second wave. Due to the lack of resources in the country, deaths have significantly increased and crematoriums have witnessed many bodies coming in.

The hospital officials have confirmed that if remained abandoned, the body of the baby will have to be taken care of by the hospital. If the parents cannot be located or contacted after their attempts, the last rites of the two-month-old will have to be conducted according to the existing COVID-19 protocols.

The UT has reported over 3,700 cases and 51 deaths on May 3. All educational institutions have also been closed till May 31 amid the COVID-19 surge in Jammu and Kashmir