Couple’s Unique Quarantine Wedding After Bride Tests COVID-19 Positive Makes Internet Gush

Unique Quarantine Wedding

They say nothing can stand in the way of true love. I thought this to be a largely fabled idea in today’s time, the stuff of storybooks, the mere imagination of romantic authors. But a California couple has proved it to be possible. After the to-be-bride tested positive for COVID-19 mere days prior to their big day, it appeared that the pandemic had thrown a wrench in their wedding plans. They found a way around it, however, as love does, to have a unique quarantine wedding. Standing floors apart – bound by a ribbon as their only point of contact – the bride and groom said their wedding vows in a dreamy quarantine setting that, in fact, looked nothing short of a fairytale.

Seated Rapunzel-like atop a second-storeyed window of her parents’ home in Ontario, California, Lauren Delgado got married to the love of her life, Patrick Delgado.

She had tested positive for COVID-19 only three days before the ceremony, but a marriage license that was close to expiry inspired them to go ahead with their wedding plans. “I always dreamt of getting married. I never expected this is how it would turn out,” Lauren Delgado was quoted saying.

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Pictures of the ceremony were shared on Instagram by photographer Jessica Jackson in late November, and as the pictures go viral now, the comments section is brimming with wonderstruck people who are congratulating the couple on their extraordinary union. “It was the most 2020 wedding I have ever shot during Covid-19,” Jackson said.

unique wedding covid positive

Floors Apart, But Tied By Love (And A Ribbon)

Though the wedding pictures aren’t conventional – in that they don’t show the bride and groom standing side by side – they are as aesthetic as any other. With a quaint, rustic look offered by the bride’s parents’ house and a yard decorated with lights and flower wreaths, the Delgados, it seems, had quite a Disney wedding. The bride, sitting by an upper-story window, and the groom, standing in the yard below, were holding each other by a flower-threaded ribbon during their vows. This was the closest thing to holding hands, they said.

The Delgados, who were together for four years before their engagement in 2019, said they weren’t too disappointed with this quarantine wedding. “I was just so happy and excited to be surrounded by my closest loved ones there. It wasn’t about a big wedding, it was just about celebrating our love and life together,” the bride said.

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The guest list included only close family, a total of ten members, and proper protocol was followed. While the couple isn’t too beat up about their wedding ceremony, they hope to have a bigger one once the situation normalises.

“It’s almost like a funny story we’ll one day tell our children. Like, we couldn’t sleep in the same bed the same day we got married,” they said.

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