Bengalis love their sweets but this time may be they went a bit overboard. A shop in Kolkata is selling coronavirus-shaped sandesh, a sweet delicacy made of milk extract. Did the virus really need this ‘sweet’ avatar? Well, if it’s worth it, it comes with a list of dos and don’ts about the widespread and what people should do.

Not surprisingly this has the internet up in social-uproar. Love for mithai alright who just have coronavirus, and its disgusting look, dripping with sugar syrup and sticky protrusions.

The West Bengal government has permitted sweet shops to stay open for a few hours everyday for people to go out there and buy their ‘quotas’ for mithai. One of the main reasons behind opening these shops was to keep people employed as many milk suppliers and sweet shop staff has fallen short of employment. Additionally a lot of the milk suppliers in Kolkata were going out of business because sweets were their main source of income.


“Sweetmeat shops may remain open during the (lockdown) period from 12 noon to 4 pm each day with the minimum number of staff only for take away and packed items,” reported the wire agency PTI.

The above is happening at a time, all of India remains in a complete lockdown since March 25 for 21 days. In his speech on 24th March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked citizens to stay indoors and maintain social distancing in a bid to avoid spread of coronavirus.

As of today India has over 100 deaths from coronavirus but a widely rising number of active cases. Source of image: Outlook

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