Valentine’s Day- whether you love it or find it cheesy, you have to acknowledge it as a day set aside for love. Sadly in our country when a man publically threatens to kill a Chief Minister, nobody bats an eye but when two adults decide to take a walk together or kiss, they are beaten up or even better- forcefully made to marry each other! The concept of morality in India is quite blurry, to say the least.


Thankfully, the police in some areas of the country have vowed to keep the women safe. According to a report by Reuters, a police spokesperson has announced that the right wing groups will not be allowed to take law in their hands. Even in Gurgaon, the police issued an advisory for citizens, restaurants and mall managements, to ensure women’s safety on Valentine’s Day.


The advisory issued also advised women to click a photo of the cab or taxi driver before hiring it, if travelling alone. Navdeep Singh Virk, police commissioner, Gurgaon, told Times of India, “Mall and Cyber Hub management have been advised to ensure proper security checks and frisking of people and vehicles entering the mall areas. Mall management and their chief security officer will be held responsible for negligence.”


If faced with troubling circumstances, the women can contact the police on 100 or 1091. This step taken by the police in Haryana should be appreciated and other states should try and follow their example.

[Featured Picture Courtesy: Digital Learning ]