Facebook Community Boost India: Bringing Together Small Entrepreneurs

Charvi Kathuria
Nov 24, 2018 20:30 IST
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Entrepreneurs, these days, are using a gamut of technology-driven tools to promote their businesses and attract the right customers. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Whatsapp are putting the power of doing business in the hands of small and medium entrepreneurs by using smart phones. SheThePeople was at #FacebookCommunityBoost, an initiative by Facebook with a motive to bring together entrepreneurs using technology.



There were some important workshops on using social media platforms to leverage business. One of the workshops talked about the growing importance of Whatsapp Business as an app to promote their business. The experts also shared important tips on building strategies to attract and retain customers.
One of the conversations was about the growing importance of Whatsapp Business as an app to promote their business along with new tools to attract eyeballs. Overall use of whatsapp has reportedly doubled in India in the last 12 months. Globally they have more than 1.5 billion users. Another discussion focussed on creating videos using simple tips to let more people know about one's business. Storytelling through pictures and powerful messaging was also a big focus area.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are doing wonders in helping entrepreneurs boost their businesses.

Neeru Gola, Founder of Cupid Canopy -a honey business- was one of the entrepreneurs present at the programs. She said that the sessions were particularly helpful for her since she has just started her business and created a Facebook page as well. She explained how the tips given by experts were valuable. "I will now be saved from making mistakes while promoting the business, the ones I made earlier.
The program culminated with a Q & A session by Facebook experts where they personally interacted with entrepreneurs and cleared their doubts. The entrepreneurs took home a lot of practical lessons on using technology to expand their businesses.
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