Comedians Who Stand Up For Women

Stand up comic Radhika Vaz

It’s International Women’s Day today and we are very excited to celebrate. Over the last few years, India has seen a burgeoning comedy scene, and comedians’ unabashed fresh takes on some of the more arcane aspects of Indian culture (our obsession with fairness, arranged marriages and the like) provide welcome entertainment for all of us.

Comedians do not shy away from talking about women’s issues and so we have collated here some of the country’s top comedians and how they have stood up for women.

Tanmay Bhat

Tanmay Bhat

AIB’s hilarious co-founder doesn’t shy away from saying exactly what he feels like. He posted a video on Facebook explaining what feminism is all about.

“If you believe men and women should have equal rights, that makes you a feminist. That’s it. There’s nothing else,” he says. He said he is a sick of people saying “I am not a feminist”. It is basic equality, he says.

Sorabh Pant, the feminist

Sorabh Pant

Sorabh Pant

He is a self-proclaimed feminist, whose Twitter handle says that he is yet another feminist male. He was raised by an independent and ambitious mom, and runs East India Comedy. He tells SheThePeople.TV that feminism is all about having respect for other people. He has even written a book called ‘Under Delhi’, which is about a woman vigilante fighting rapists in Delhi. Spending more time with stronger women will help men respect women, he says. Women rise up from tough situations far easier than men.

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Radhika Vaz comedian

Radhika Vaz, Source: Navhindtimes

Radhika Vaz

The comedian is always posting meme’s and explanations about feminism on her Facebook page. One of the most political things a woman can do is to tell stories. The more stories that come out, the more change we will see. She calls herself an expert on feminism, and at SheThePeople.TV’s recently held Women Writer’s Fest in Delhi, she said, “to me the opposite of feminist is asshole, the choice is yours”.

Aditi Mittal Picture By: Stand Up Planet

Aditi Mittal, Picture By: Stand Up Planet

Aditi Mittal

One of India’s most loved comedians, she tells SheThePeople.TV about the stereotypes women have to face while doing comedy. The comedian’s shows and videos are often centered around the ridiculous ways sexism permeates our society. Her videos on topics like bra shopping and menstruation have blown the lid off taboo topics.

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