College going ‘Angel Investor’ helps 252 women

One of the most celebrated innate qualities in women is empathy. Coupled with such “soft qualities”, women have great organizational and communicative skills that make them great leaders- age no bar. Proving this premise is a young college girl who has helped 252 women in launching their small-scale startups in Talikoti, Kodekal, Hunasagi and Hokrani villages.


According to a report by Times of India, Pallavi Kodekalmath, who is currently in her final-year BA at SK College, wants to be an IAS officer. Seeing rural women witness many hardships has had a huge impact on her and she hopes to fulfill this dream soon. Her initiative has trained around 1,250 women, who are all ready to take on their entrepreneurial ventures head on.


Working under the lead project of Deshpande Foundation, Pallavi has been shortlisted for Yuva Summit 2015 as the best initiative under the Leadership Challenge competition. She is also helping the women by assisting them with financial assistance from Karnataka Bank, Talikoti.


Shridevi Muttagi is one of the women who have been trained under Pallavi’s initiative. She has set up her own manufacturing unit churning out chakkuli, kodubale, nippattu and other snacks, in Kodekal village, near Talikoti in Vijayapura district, according to the report. She says, “If there was no training, we would’ve wasted our time. We never knew we have such potential.”


Pallavi told Times of India, “They don’t have opportunities on par with women in urban areas, where full or part-time jobs are available. They are haunted by financial crisis, as they face situations like drought, crop loss etc. However, there’s a lot of potential among them. So I approached experts like Puttanagouda, his mother Shantamma Karjagi and SF Masuti of Vihar Group of Companies in Haveri, requesting them to provide training for the women. With the cooperation of management of community halls in villages, I could organize training in handicrafts and food processing.”



[Feature Picture Courtesy: The Hindu]