The first month in college was a shocking revelation on how easily the money slips away. Soon everyone came up with their tricks and hacks on how to save and sustain. The importance of savings was learnt automatically as we dealt with little emergencies of our lives.

Here is how college girls today are managing their finances and enjoying their college years:


If you are an outstation student, accommodation takes up a large chunk of your finance. Students tend to take accommodation near college saving on their daily transportation cost. Living with friends, sharing apartments are a few of the things they do to minimise accommodation cost.

“My PG is very near my college. This helps me save a lot as I can even walk down to college in case of good weather,” says Rakhi, a second-year student of Kamala Nehru College.


In cities like Delhi and Mumbai you spend a huge amount of commute in comparison to smaller cities. College girls have smartly devised their own means to combat this problem. Students sometimes prefer walking to the metro station or colleges to save on tiny cost that add up to a huge amount by the end of the month. Sharing autos and cabs are life savers. Waiting a little is not an issue if you can get to your destination at half the cost. Public Transport like buses and metros are light on the budget. As a safety measure many girls share their location through WhatsApp with their parents, relatives or friends.

“Many girls from my college and the neighbouring college walk down from Satya Niketan. I try to wake up early, get ready and leave for college walking,” comments Disheeta, a second-year student in Delhi University.


Eating out takes a huge toll on your finance. One soon realizes that canteen food is the best choice one has in the long run. “You want something that is economical and filling”, says a college student, Sakshi. Students also tend towards choosing healthy diets like fruits, juices and full meals like dosa, chole chawal from their college canteens to have a better nutritious meal. Students learn to cook as well to substitute it from outside food. Food delivery apps are a must on every college going students phone. This helps them save a little every day that is, then put to use on special occasions or mood days to have their taste pallets satisfied.


How to balance out clothing expenditure? Almost all cities contrast shopping malls with street shops. “I take the basics and must-haves like a black and a white t-shirt or a jeans from proper stores that ensure quality since these are for longer use. All the fancy items or one or two day wear I prefer to buy from the street shops like Janpath and Sarojini.” This is how college girls like Vineeta become smart shoppers.

Every college girl has devised her own formula that works best for her. Some compromise on shopping, others compromise on luxurious eating. If a party or a travel trip is around, a much stricter routine is followed to save a little. College years make everyone practical and full of experiences that helps them a great deal in future.

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Rachna Chandira is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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