Coimbatore to host Women's Premiere League cricket soon

Coimbatore to host Women's Premiere League soon.

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Olympic winners PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik seem to have become a motivator for many women. In a first, Coimbatore city in Tamil Nadu will host a Women's Premiere League cricket tournament. The game is kick-starting on September 11, aiming to provide city women a sporting inspiration through cricket.


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According to Pallavi Kotecha, who is one of the organisers of the event along with Ravi Shah, instead of playing hardcore cricket, this will be a box-cricket tournament. "This is the first time we are hosting a Women's Premiere League in the city, where the womenfolk will play some unique cricket. There are a lot of women in the city, who are interested in playing the Gentleman's game, but have never got the opportunity for the same. The Women's Premiere League provides them a platform to test waters in the game,”, she said, reported by TOI. “It's an innovative game concept, where we will be placing an extra scoring point apart from the fours and sixes. This will be called a 'Hit me Board', which will be placed on the field. Every shot at the board will fetch the batswoman eight runs," Pallavi added.

There will be 12 teams in the tournament, and each team will have 5 players and a substitute. Each team will be distributed 2 matches for 5 hours.

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Interestingly, age is no limit here. Pallavi said, "The tournament is open to all women in and around Coimbatore and anyone interested in sports. In fact, we have players as young as 12 years old and above 50 years as well. We have got registrations for eight teams so far. The format is the same as that of the original cricket premiere league. Once five players come together as a team, they have to get a sponsor for themselves. If they are unable to find one, the organisers will come to their rescue."

Looks like city’s most popular sporting goods chain outlet - Avinashi Road will be on loud cheering mode. We wish all these girls best of luck and hope with this initiative, country’s lack of sporting facility be washed away.


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