Class 7 Student Threatens To Rape Teacher: Mothers React

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A student at a Gurgaon school threatened to rape his teacher and her daughter in a post online. According to the school, stern action was taken, including a suspension along with mandated counselling. The school has not revealed the student’s name.

Around the same time last week, a Class 8 student of the same school had asked a teacher out for a ‘candlelight dinner and sex.’

The teacher’s daughter who studies at the same school was shocked and had to be counselled at home. She has still not returned to school.

We asked a few mothers and working professionals what they thought about the incident:

Mother of a four-year-old, who is constantly questioning herself on parenting, Shaili Chopra, says: “Schools are talking big about sensitization, but are they genuinely watching a child in their entirety? We tend to see physical harm as the only harm but what about mental make up, the conversations? I think there is a breakdown of dialogue.”

SheThePeople.TV spoke to the mom of a teenager who said she was able to sense bias among teachers and how they approach boys and girls. She also adds that’s detrimental because it ingrains a bias among kids. “I had to tell my child to consider girls at school as equal competition because my son almost never thought he had to compete.”

Preeti Vyas, publisher, FunOkPlease says, “This shocking incident points to the total disconnect between the emotional intelligence our children need to learn in order to be healthy, good human beings and what they are actually being told to focus on by adults around them.”

“The over emphasis on academic concepts that their school lives are filled with gives them very little skills/intelligence to equip them for the real world. We are bringing up a generation that is learning how to live life from Instagram,” – Preeti Vyas

Author and mom of twin boys, Riti Prasad, says, “Rape has become the buzzword we don’t need our children to use. We must stop this right away.”

Founder of First Moms Club, Ruchita Dar Shah says that the reason for this is because boys are brought up in homes where respect for women is super low. “They are also exposed to media, movies and games from a young age. The new breed of parents don’t know how to discipline kids and never say no because the kid might feel bad and the parents may hurt his feelings,” she says.

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