Class 12 Girl Allegedly Slapped By Games Teacher '12 Times'

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A class 12 student of Gurugram was allegedly slapped ’12 times by her games teacher for laughing too loudly. The incident occurred recently at the Government Senior Secondary School, Sector 4-7.


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The girl, Gayatri Mandal (16), alleged that on her way back to class after the lunch break, the teacher heard someone laughing in the hallway. She then slapped her 12 times without even confirming who it really was.

The student claimed that the teacher then dragged her to a corner and slapped her on the ear with full force. Gayatri, in tears, tried to tell the teacher that she was not the one laughing. But she didn’t listen and took her to the principal.

Principal says it's ok

According to sources, the principal of the school, Suman Lata, said that there are 3,000 students in the school. And it was okay for the games teacher to hit Gayatri as she was only trying to maintain discipline

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The games teacher confirmed that she slapped Gayatri for misbehaviour. She added that it wasn’t a big deal, though she denies the allegation of slapping her '14 times’.

When Gayatri returned home from school, her father noticed the red slap marks on her face. He took her to a hospital where she was given first aid. As she complained of pain in the ear, she was advised to consult an ENT doctor.

The district education officer, Ravinder Alawadhi, said they had not received any complaint yet. When they do, the necessary action will be taken against the school and the games teacher, according to sources.

Number of such cases on the rise

Last month, a class 1 student in Manipur had to be hospitalized after a substitute teacher assaulted him for not bringing textbooks. In fact, there have even been cases where a teacher has ordered the students to slap each other for the silliest reasons.

It is not okay for a teacher to assault any child in any way, whatever the reason be.

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