Parents’ Wellbeing: Woman Quits Job To Become “Paid Full-Time Daughter”

Salaried Women Want To Be Entrepreneurs, Paid Full-Time Daughter
A 40-year-old woman made the choice to resign from the job she had and work as her parents’ “paid full-time daughter” instead. The unique move has caused online discourse in China.

Nianan, 40, left her job as a news agency employee last year after 15 years of service. She was under a lot of stress all the time because she had to be available almost continuously. Fortunately, her parents came up with a better job offer if she would simply leave the one that was so terrible for her.

The woman’s parents confronted her about why she did not just resign from her position since they would take care of her financially. If she simply moved in with them, her parents would pay her 4,000 yuan (46,000 rupees) a month. Since the parents would cover these expenditures, there would be no need for additional housing costs. Additionally, there would be significant savings on food and other household necessities. Nianan thus gave up her job and started working as a “paid full-time daughter.”

Paid Full-Time Daughter

Nianan says her job as a paid full-time daughter is “filled with love” after working for her parents’ company for a year. She spends her days going grocery shopping with her parents, cooking dinner with them every night, driving them around when necessary, and even having time to dance with them for an hour each day.

As paid full-time daughter, Nianan is also in charge of organising one or two family vacations each month and keeping an eye on the electronics in the house. Despite how enjoyable this routine may appear to be, the 40-year-old woman claims that she occasionally still has “the desire to make more money”. Luckily, if that’s what she wants, her parents have nothing against it.

Nianan’s parents advised her to pursue a better job if she could find one and to stay at home and spend time with them if she didn’t want to work. According to Nianan, who spoke to the South China Morning Post, her parents’ monthly pension of about 100,000 yuan (11 lakh rupees) is used to pay her monthly income.

This strange situation generated a contentious online debate in China this week, with some criticising the 40-year-old woman for relying on her parents while others asserting that it was their family’s business alone.

One compared being a “full-time daughter” to being a full-time housewife and added that it is uncommon for housewives to receive a monthly salary. The user added that the daughter was being overpaid for her services as well.

Some asserted that if both parents and daughter were happy with the situation, then they should be able to embrace it without fear of judgement. The daughter had the opportunity to take ownership of looking after her parents’ health and well-being, a role often reserved for sons.

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