Girl Rescued From Child Marriage Scores 86% In Intermediate Exam

Charvi Kathuria
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Child marriage is a blot on our society. Besides stripping children of their best days of life, it also thwarts them from completing their education and pursuing a career. V Sandhya’s fate would have been the same if city-based child rights NGO, Balala Hakkula Sangham (BHS), hadn't intervened.


She was 16 and still in school when her parents decided to get her married. In fact, they informed her about this just one day before the engagement. Sandhya was jolted to know this but she knew that giving in to her parents' demands was the only option.

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Troubles that ensued

Fortunately, the NGO rescued her well in time. But the rescue operation was followed by a lot of troubles. After the wedding was called off, her father committed suicide as he couldn't face societal judgements. Sandhya was also judged and blamed for her father's death. Not letting people's derogatory remarks dampen her spirit, she attended college, engaged in classes and scored good marks. Her stellar determination surprised even her elder brother and her mother.

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On the road to success


Her determination pushed her to work harder. As a result, Sandhya scored 86% in the Telangana intermediate examination. Sandhya is elated as she is one step ahead towards her dream of becoming an HR executive in a multi-national company.

Her interests are in learning about the world’s economy and its working. Her mother does laundry service while her brother works in a small company. Though she wants to study world economy and how it functions, that appears to be a distant given the financial constraints. Nevertheless, Sandhya is happy to reach where she has.

More power to the girl!

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