Female Autorickshaw Driver Wins Hearts, Offers Free Rides To Women And Elderly

Chennai Woman Autorickshaw driver
Raji Ashok, an autorickshaw driver in Chennai has gone viral on the internet for her breaking the stereotypes and providing free-of-cost transport services to the needy.

According to ANI, the 50-year-old woman has been driving an autorickshaw in the city for the past 23 years. In a video released by the agency, Ashok’s autorickshaw was shown which had ” free rides for girls (govt) school students” written on it. Ashok while speaking to the agency said, “I’m driving an auto for the last 23 years; offer free rides to girl students, and to elderly & women after 10 pm; also offer free rides to hospital in case of emergency.” When asked about if she ever feels fear, Ashok said that she has always felt safe in Chennai, “Very safe, Chennai is a safe city,” she added.

Chennai Woman Autorickshaw driver offers free rides to women and elderly

As per reports, Raji Ashok is a B.A graduate. She said that even if some woman or an elderly needs ride to the hospital in the middle of the night, she is available for them. Ashok moved from Kerala to Chennai with her husband, who is also a auto rickshaw driver.

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She has never refused a ride to a female traveller and with only an hour’s notice, she makes herself available for them. With her graduate degree, Ashok reportedly found it hard to find work in the city so she opted to drive an auto for a living and to support her family. She especially provides free rides to female students of government schools.

The auto rickshaw driver told the news agency that other women should also be encouraged to drive the vehicle. She said, “many illiterate women work as housemaids for a pittance, but an auto driver makes Rs 15,000 to 20,000 per month.”

Reportedly more than 10,000 women have taken a ride in Raji Ashok’s autorickshaw safely as of now. She also gives free driving lessons to individuals who show interest.