Chelsea Clinton’s Foundation discusses role of communities in filling gender gap

Chelsea Clinton, Vice Chair of Clinton Foundation, leads the ‘No Ceilings: the Full Participation Project.’ The project is trying to monitor the progress made by women and girls in the past 20 years so they can set an agenda focusing on required resources and efforts to help accelerate progress over the next 20 years.


To discuss the importance and impact of community based solutions in helping fill the gender gap, the foundation hosted a conference for community leaders who lead community-based efforts to advance economic opportunity for women. These leaders decided on three major subjects that needed attention



Ruthanne Hill of the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund stated that good quality education was the “pathway out of poverty” for women. It was also suggested that women should be provided access to higher education on a larger level and first-learning experiences before entering the classroom, should be encouraged.


Anna Strong, Executive Director of Child Advocacy and Public Health at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital added that schools should have nurse practitioners in schools to work with children, ensuring their physical as well as intellectual wellbeing.


[Picture Courtesy: ABC]



Grant Tennille from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and Pierre Ferrari of Heifer International suggested that since most women lack access to the income, capital and credit to start their own ventures, efforts should be made to provide microloans, training and other resources so they can further invest in health, education, etc., for the betterment of the society.



A lack of support, resources, and encouragement prevents most women from realizing their potential.  Annette Dove from a nonprofit,TOPPS, talked about creating mentorship and training programs for young girls. She suggested that these would not only encourage them to dream big about their careers, but will also help them achieve those dreams by providing them opportunities.