Chargesheet Filed Against Yati Narsinghanand For His Derogatory Remarks On Women

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The Uttar Pradesh Police informed the National Commission for Women(NCW) in a hearing on January 11, 2022, regarding actions taken against Yati Narsinghanand, the chief priest of Dasna Devi Temple, for derogatory remarks made against women. The priest earlier drew criticism for statements he made during a gathering in Haridwar. 

As per the information provided to the Commission, a charge sheet has been done on all three FIRs against the priest. 

Chargesheet Against Yati Narsinghanand :

The Chairperson of NCW raised the issue regarding the video of Yati Narsinghanand making derogatory remarks on Muslim women. She tweeted, “This man should be arrested immediately. He is not fit to be a part of civilised society”. She also questioned the veracity of 3 FIRs made by Uttar Pradesh police against him and enquired about their status. 

In the video, saffron-robed priest Narsinghanand is seen speaking against Muslims in the country. He explains how they have captured every sphere including the Bollywood industry, and other political parties. In the same video he says, “Unki mahilayein jo Islam ki seva ke liye kisi ke bhi aage bich jati hai, unki sabse bari taakat hai“(their women get laid beneath anyone for their service to Islam is their biggest strength). 

He further makes a statement in disrespectful taste towards Hindu and Muslim communities adding that if a regular Hindu marries once, the Dharmacharya(propagators of religion) should marry at least twice and produce many children. This, according to him, will lead to retention of “vishuddh DNA”(pure DNA dedicated to the religion).

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The Commission took cognisance of the matter on January 4, 2022, and raised concern on the lackadaisical attitude of police in taking up concrete actions against the priest. The agency informed about the letter sent by the Chairperson to the Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh for making derogatory remarks on women.

The commission met the ADG(Additional Director General of Police) Meerut and SSP(Senior Superintendent of Police) of Ghaziabad during a hearing on January 11, 2022. The police personnel apprised the Chairperson of the current situation and that the chargesheet has been filed against all three FIRs against Yati Narsinghanand. The matter is now before the court of law. 

The priest had earlier given a speech to a gathering of women attendees to produce more than one child. He called out women who gave birth to one child as naagin/serpent”. The Uttarakhand government had already taken cognisance in the matter and filed FIR against the statement made by the priest. 

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