Born With Visual Impairment, Chandigarh Girl Aces Boards With 96%

Vanshika, a fifteen-year-old who was born with a visual impairment, has broken the shackles by achieving a remarkable 96% in the CBSE Class 10 board exams.

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Image: Hindustan Times

Image: Hindustan Times

Vanshika, a fifteen-year-old who was born with a visual impairment, has gained everyone's applause by achieving an amazing 96 percent in the CBSE Class 10 board exams. Vanshika is a student at Chandigarh's Institute for the Blind. She is determined to pass the UPSC Civil Services Examination and become an IAS officer despite obstacles.


The Story Of Vanshika's Resilience

Vanshika is a student at Chandigarh's Institute for the Blind, and she has demonstrated an amazing commitment to her academics. She continued to study on her own for three hours every evening despite being visually impaired, and she frequently studied until late hours when she had tests. Her patience and hard effort have paid off with outstanding outcomes.

Vanshika has goals that go beyond her own accomplishments. Her goal is to empower visually challenged children and make their surroundings more inclusive. Her devotion to social change and caring personality are evident in her desire to have a positive impact.

Her father Sonu Pal is a labourer and her mother Anita is a homemaker. As reported by Hindustan Times, Vanshika did self-study for three hours from 5 to 8 pm in the evening, and during exams, she studied till 11 pm.

Vanshika's narrative is a source of motivation, showcasing the ability of tenacity and fortitude to surmount challenges. Her achievements in school and her desire to make a good difference demonstrate the possibility of success and meaningful contribution to people with disabilities in society. In order to guarantee that everyone has the chance to flourish, Chandigarh's educational system must work toward more inclusivity and support for students like Vanshika as it continues to change.

Vanshika's academic accomplishments are motivational. Every visually impaired student who took the Class 12 and Class 10 exams at the Institute for the Blind, Sector 26, passed. This group's accomplishments show how important inclusive education is and how capable students with impairments can be.

In the year 2016, it was demonstrated that vision impairment cannot be a barrier in life by the 14 pupils of a Blind Institute in Chandigarh who passed the CBSE Class 12 exams. The children had never taken a CBSE exam before because the institution had previously been associated with the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB).

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