ScoopWhoop CEO Sattvik Mishra Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Ex Employee: Report

Sattvik Mishra accused of sexual harassment ,Sattvik Mishra Sexual assault case
Sattvik Mishra accused of sexual harassment: An ex-employee of Delhi-based digital media company ScoopWhoop took to Instagram to narrate his ordeal. He alleged that he was sexually assaulted by the CEO of ScoopWhoop Sattvik Mishra. “I was sexually assaulted by the CEO of Scoopwhoop Pvt Ltd, Sattvik Mishra. I have been denied my truth and punished for just wanting to live my life”, he wrote.

He also explained how he has been infantilised, threatened with ‘offers’ of huge sums of money to shut up and move on. A lot of seniors he worked with in the organisation told allegedly him that the misunderstanding can be sorted out easily. In the end, he said that he just wants to focus on Unfiltered where he works now. He already has 2.19 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel.

On January 14, he had taken to Instagram to give his followers a hint of what had happened with him. “For over 3 months now, my loved ones have helped me deal with and get over the trauma of what led to my exit from the place that I, along with my team, so passionately built, ”he alleged adding that he was denied the opportunity to say a final goodbye to the space where he had worked for 6 years.

He described ScoopWhoop as “the place which eventually treated me with such utter disdain that this post is how I have to say goodbye and try and find some closure.” In his social media post, the journalist narrated that he was assaulted but he refrained from taking names in public forums. This is not my disagreement with the policy of taking names publicly. It is simply the path that I have chosen for myself for now,” he said.

Sattivik Mishra announced recently that he will no longer be the CEO of ScoopWhoop as the last few months have been extremely challenging for him and his family. He said that they are getting threats and are mentally harassed by an ex-colleague.

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