Celebrating ‘Mama’s Day’ With E-Cards

Mother’s Day e-cards by NGO

Usually on Mother’s Day (celebrated on May 14), we plan out to take our moms out for dinner or gift her something precious. In my case, I hear my mom say, “I don’t want expensive jewellery, nor do I want you to plan anything big for me.”

Many mothers are like this, which leaves no other choice for their kids but to give them a sappy Mother’s Day card.

With this in mind, an NGO based in California, is celebrating the day in a unique way. Each year, the organisation crafts unique themes to celebrate ‘Mama’s Day’.

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This year, their plan is to create e-cards that send out the most sensitive message — celebrating immigrants, Muslim mothers, motherhood of all forms and types.

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The key aspect ‘Mama’s cards’ is portraying through the illustrations is mothers of all colour, race and ethnicity.

Mother’s Day e-cards by  NGO

When confused in choosing what gifts to wrap for the most beautiful person in your life – these cards are a salvation. These creative and heart-touching e-cards are perfect for the occasion. Because mothers from every caste, religion or region are the same. After all, motherhood is always pure.

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The sixth edition of ‘Mama’s Day’ originates from their Strong Families Network which ensures that every family in this globe is connected with one thread – Mothers’ love – that transcends the boundaries of culture.

Check out the e-cards here:

Be it the bliss of lying around in mom’s arm

Mother’s Day e-cards by  NGO

Or, a father, mother and their child playing with a butterfly

Mother’s Day e-cards by  NGO

Or, rather a mother’s loving touch

Mother’s Day e-cards by  NGO

Happy Mother’s Day, Folks!

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