Celebrate the girl child: Say these Bokaro women

A group of 40 women in Bokaro have launched Kanya Janmahotsav campaign to save girl child, where they visit houses to celebrate female births.

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Infant girl child

In a country where female foeticide is still a grim reality, and in many parts of the country theĀ birth of a girl child is still not greeted with utmost joy, a groupĀ ofĀ women in Bokaro have taken it upon themselves to welcome the birth of girls. These 40 women from an organisation calledĀ the Marwari Mahila Samity have launched what is called theĀ Kanya Janmahotsav campaign to save girl child. For the pastĀ month now these women have been visiting parents of a newborn girl with gifts, flowers and the a smileĀ  They keep a track on hospitals regarding infant girls and even communicate with parents who feel upset by the birth of a girl child.


Recently they visited Neelam Nursing Home in Chas on Monday to celebrate the birth of two girls. Kajal Bhalotia, president of the group, said, "Besides flowers, we also give dresses, toys, diaper and bed-sheet for the baby. Many from poor families differentiate between a girl and a boy. So we give biscuits and health drinks to poor mothers to encourage them.", reported by TOI.

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In the short span of one month the womenĀ have managed toĀ bring positivity around the birth of girls Ā in more than half a dozen nursing homes.Ā Ā "During our visits, we came across two or three cases where the women were found depressed and crying. We counselled them and their husbands," said Mala Lodha, a team member added.

Gynecologist Anju Parira of Mother Care Hospital said, "The group members motivated parents by saying if there were no girls, how would boys be born. It is an laudable move."

We agree! And what's more, we can all be part of this. Just celebrate the birth of a girl child!

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