CBSE Class 10 Results: Meet Kafi, Acid Attack Survivor, Becomes School Topper In Chandigarh

Blinded by acid attack when she was just 3, Kafi topped Chandigarh’s Institute of Blind in her Class 10 Boards with 95.20%

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CBSE Class 10 Results
Beating all odds and surpassing all challenges, no one and nothing could stop this genius mind. 15-year-old Kafi, an acid attack survivor, scored 95.2% in the CBSE Class 10 results, which were declared on Friday.

She is the topper of the Chandigarh Institute of Blind, Sector 26, followed by Sumant Poddar (90.90 per cent) and Abhishek Kumar (90.00 per cent) second and third respectively.

CBSE Class 10 Results Kafi, acid attack survivor, becomes school topper

Kafi, was just three years old when three men flung acid on her while she was playing Holi at a village in Hisar. She lost her sight in the incident. However, her parents Pawan and Suman never lost hope and travelled extensively to far-flung hospitals in hopes of a treatment.

A student at the Institute for the Blind Sector 26, Kaifi, who aspires to become a civil servant, said, “The three middle-aged men were convicted and walked out of jail in just two years. But, their crime and attack on me will not hold me back. I will make my parents and teachers proud.”

Kafi’s family struggled to make ends meet and moved out of Hisar, where her father used to run an iron shop. Pawan took up a peon’s job in the Harayan secretariat and the family now resides in Shastri Nagar.

Kafi now intends to pursue the Humanities stream and become an IAS officer.


Way beyond mature for age, she believes that if money becomes a hindrance, she will try to become a teacher. “I have learnt that things won’t work as planned. We should have a backup plan. If not an IAS officer, I will become a teacher,” Kafi told Tribune.

She added, “I never forget my past, as it gives me the strength to face the worse bravely. My father used to run a small business. The three male accused walked free after two years. I don’t know whom to blame, but I don’t want to waste my time in this dirty fight,” said Kafi.

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