Meet Captain Deeksha C. Mudadevannanavar, Indian Army’s First Woman To Join Special Forces

Who Is Captain Deeksha?
Adding to India’s pride, Captain Deeksha C. Mudadevannanavar has become the first woman officer to be posted in the Indian Army’s Parachute Regiment’s top special forces outfit.

A native of Karnataka, she was appointed by the Short Service Commission (SSC) to the MH Golconda of the Indian Army in 2019. After receiving her commission, she underwent rigorous training at the Army Medical Corps Centre in Lucknow.

Who Is Captain Deeksha?

  • Captain Deeksha has been trained to provide special forces with medical assistance in special operations.
  • She was a part of the Operation Dost Team that was deployed to Turkey, and her training with the special forces units to effectively combat challenging situations helped her provide care to the earthquake survivors in Turkey.
  • After completing the first level of the course, Captain Deeksha was assigned to the 303 Field Hospital in Leh’s Tangtse. She attempted to enlist in the parachute regiment but was rejected because of her physical capabilities the first time. She suffered an injury and was unable to get selected for the second time as well.
  • Her commanding officer, Colonel Shivesh Singh, inspired her to sign up for the military one more time. She finally made it into the paratrooper selection process and was selected for the Special Forces in December 2022.
  • In an interview with the Republic World, Captain Deeksha said her desire to pursue a challenging and unique profession inspired her to join the Indian Army.
  • The doctors of the Indian Army undergo similar training as the soldiers. The only difference is that their primary work is to provide medical aid to troops. Indian Army doctors are significant for the success of para SF battalions.

Recently, Colonel Geeta Rana from the Corps of Electronics and Mechanical Engineers created history by being appointed as the first woman officer to command an independent field workshop in the eastern Ladakh sector with China.

The Indian Army had earlier made 108 vacancies for women officers to take command roles on the front lines for the Corps of Engineers, Electronics and Mechanical Engineers, Ordinance, and various other army units and services.

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