Can't wear shorts? Milind Soman is bringing you a 'Running Saree'

For women who are not comfortable running in shorts, Milind Soman has come up with a unique idea, the 'Running Saree'.

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Can't wear shorts? Milind Soman is bringing you a 'Running Saree'

Traditional Indian women are not very comfortable wearing shorts, especially those from small towns and cities. How many of us coming from states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan have seen our mothers ever wear shorts? So running in them is almost an unthinkable! To change this and encourage women from all over to start running, Milind Soman- the supermodel, actor, fitness enthusiast and marathon runner is planning to introduce a ‘Running Saree’.


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Soman has already conceptualised his idea and has collaborated with a Delhi-based designer to come up with the unusual saree. “The designer is from Delhi and I really like the style. The look has to incorporate the famous weaving styles that we already have--like Banarasi or the Ikat. It should be recognisable. Women should be able to say 'I want a running Banarasi or Chanderi'!" said the fitness enthusiast to Delhi Times.

The specially designed saree will be light weight and made of less volume of cloth making it easier to manage by women while running, according to Soman. Many women hesitate to run the marathon because they are not comfortable wearing shorts and pants which limit their desire to run. This won’t be so much of a problem if we have something as innovative as this among us.

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It will be interesting to see whether such sarees catch on once they hit the market. But if it encourages women to run for their health, why not give it a try. Right?

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