‘Calculator Girl’ Dilpreet Kaur Sets 11 National And 2 World Records In A Year

Calculator Girl -- Dilpreet Kaur

Popularly known as ‘Calculator Girl’ — Dilpreet Kaur is a class 10th student in Kanpur, is the brainiest among all of her classmates or probably of this generation. The child prodigy has recently received the certificates for her feat on Saturday, April 15 for setting up 13 Limca Book of records in just a year. [Picture Credit: Indiatimes.com]

She has created a new record by setting 11 national and two world records, solving mathematical calculations in a minute, in just a span of one year.

To start with, her first triumph was when she had registered herself for the Limca Book of Records on June 20, 2015. Then she clinched her second feat at an event on August 25, 2016. Born with exceptional ability, Dilpreet had achieved 11 record by solving 11 mathematical calculations in a record time of 15.83 sec to 1.36 minute. In October last year, all of her 11 records were accepted.

Calculator Girl -- Dilpreet Kaur

Calculator Girl — Dilpreet Kaur (Picture Credit: TOI)

The gifted girl Dilpreet has garnered a total set of 14 records till date which includes two world records, according to Limca Book of Records authorities, TOI reported.

SheThePeople.TV spokewith Aparna Athreya who runs the Kid and Parent Foundation in Bangalore to know about how children can be directed and improved in their skills at a young age. She says, “If parents observe children keenly, their innate preferences will emerge. Working with their natural abilities from a young age gives the opportunity for children to reach high levels of expertise by the time they are in their adolescence.  For instance, children typically show a preference/abilities towards certain fields more than the other, be it music or painting or sport or nature. Being observant to this will help parents work on a strength based approach rather than a popular-culture approach.”

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Anant Kasibhatla, member of the Limca Book of Records team told TOI, “She has become the first person to achieve the feat of bagging a maximum of 13 records in just a span of one year, which is a rare feat in the history of Limca Book of Records.”

Kasibhatla also said that her father Manjeet Singh, who is a mathematics teacher, is the biggest support in her life. He helped Dilpreet achieving the feat by giving her bigger problems to solve. Her parents who are both teachers saw her passion of solving sums and it gradually grew. To improve her brain’s ability, they guided her to follow mathematical functions. But, little did they know that the hardwork they were putting into would turn their daughter to set a new record, becoming one of the known genius in the field.

“To improve her skill, we suggested her to follow ancient Abacus theory to perform mathematical functions like multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, square root and cube root,” Singh said.

Calculator Girl -- Dilpreet Kaur

Picture Credit: Facebook

Dilpreet, who is studying in class 10th, has started solving sums when she was in class II and credits her skill to her parents.

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Dilpreet has already won the City trophy 2012 in Champion and 2013 state Champions of Champion competition.

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Feature Image Credit: Indiatimes

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