Byun Hui-su, South Korea’s First Transgender Soldier, Found Dead

Byun Hui-su
Byun Hui-su, South Korea’s first transgender soldier found dead: South Korea’s first transgender soldier was found dead in her home on Wednesday. Byun Hui-su underwent gender-reassignment surgery in 2019, after which she was discharged last year from the South Korean Military.

According to local authorities, primary findings suggest that Hui-su had been dead for days before her body was discovered. The cause of her death is not yet known. Byun Hui-su was 23-years old.

A report by CNN reveals that Hui-su was a staff sergeant before she was discharged. She was living in Cheongju city, south of Seoul. Hui-su was pursuing a lawsuit that contested her dismissal from the South Korean army. She wanted to continue serving as a part of female corps.

In 2019, she underwent a sex reassignment surgery in Thailand following a struggle with her sexual identity. Since South Korea doesn’t allow transgender people to serve in the military, her petition to be reinstated in the army was dismissed. Hui-su’s dismissal in 2020 led to a wide-spread discussion on discrimination against transgender people in the country.

Image Credit: CNN