The Obama family is bidding adieu to the White House as President Barack Obama’s term is about to end. But it’s not just the end of Obama’s presidential rule but also an end of an era and a legacy. And as the fervour of saying goodbyes is on, daughters of George Bush, Barbara and Jenna, have written a very thoughtful and sweet letter to the Obama daughters, Malia and Sasha.

The letter starts with a memory of them showing Sasha and Malia around the White House and introducing them to the staff “who dedicate themselves to making this historic house a home”.

“We saw both the light and wariness in your eyes as you gazed at your new home. We left our jobs in Baltimore and New York early and travelled to Washington to show you around. To show you the Lincoln Bedroom, and the bedrooms that were once ours, to introduce you to all the people—the florists, the grounds-keepers and the butlers,” wrote the Bush sisters in the Time magazine.

They added, “When you slid down the banister of the solarium, just as we had done as 8-year-olds and again as 20-year-olds chasing our youth, your joy and laughter were contagious.”

They also talked about sisterhood and how much Sasha and Malia have achieved in these years.

“In eight years, you have done so much. Seen so much. You stood at the gates of the Robben Island cell where South Africa’s Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for decades, your arms around your father. You travelled to Liberia and Morocco with your mom to talk with girls about the importance of education—girls who saw themselves in you, saw themselves in your parents, saw who they could become if they continued to study and learn.”

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They said that both the girls had each other by their side just like the Bush daughters had themselves for each other.

In the letter, they educated Malia and Sasha about what being the former first children is all about and appealed that they should never forget about the people who work for the White House. They explained how enjoying their college life should be the most important thing in their agenda of life right now.

The Bush daughters advised them to take all the experiences in and let them change the Obama sisters positively.  They also shared their own experience when they mentioned,

“Travelling with our parents taught us more than any class could. It opened our eyes to new people as well as new cultures and ideas. We met factory workers in Michigan, teachers in California, doctors healing people on the Burmese border, kids who lined the dusty streets of Kampala to see the American President, and kids with HIV waiting to get the antiretroviral drugs that would save their lives.”

The letter showed the value of compassion, friendship and sorority among the girls and it is really a heart-warming letter to write to the new former first children.

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