British Athlete Dame Kelly Holmes Tests Positive For COVID-19

Dame Kelly Holme

British athlete Dame Kelly Holmes has tested positive for COVID-19. Holmes shared this news on social media that just 10 days after her return from a holiday in Cyprus, she started showing symptoms of the novel coronavirus and later tested positive for the same.

Holmes shared the news on Instagram

Holmes took to Instagram to share this piece of information with her fans. She made a list of all the symptoms she showed on each of the days. She shared a smiling picture of captioned “Smiles one day, the next day Covid!!!” She has been regularly updating the caption of the photograph with her symptom list. So far, she has added symptoms of seven days to the list.

The Olympic gold medalist said that “it was like ‘hell’ and that she was exhausted after battling the virus.” She had returned from her holiday to Cyprus on October 20. She said, “I have NEVER laid down for so long.” Later, she added in an Instagram story, “You know you have Coronavirus when toothpaste, Stilton cheese, peanut butter and Marmite all taste the same – like nothing!!!”

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