Power Cut In Madhya Pradesh Almost Had These Women Marry Wrong Grooms

Brides Nearly Marry Wrong Grooms
Indian weddings are known to have a charm of their own. With an extensive list of events planned out and a huge number of attendees, there’s a lot that could go wrong. These bizarre stories go viral on social media and make it to the headlines. Recently, in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district a bride was married off to an attendee after the groom turned up four hours late for his own wedding.

Now, a bizarre story from Madhya Pradesh has emerged which is taking the internet by storm. Three women were getting married on May 5, Thursday, in a village near Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain. Of the three, two of them nearly married the wrong grooms. What caused this goof up? Power cut.

Brides Nearly Marry Wrong Grooms

Reportedly, Ramesh Bheewere, a native of Aslana village, 20kms away from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, was getting three of his daughters—Nikita, Karishma and Komal married on May 5. However, two of his daughters Nikita and Karishma almost married the wrong groom.

While Nikita was set to marry Bhola and Karishma was to wed Ganesh. However, since the two sisters had worn identical wedding attire and it was dark due to a power outage, Bhola and Ganesh mistakenly sat with the wrong brides for the rituals. The grooms noticed the goof-up when they took the brides home, suggested some reports. While some suggested they noticed the mistake when the power supply was restored before seven circumambulations (saat phere).

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Once the visibility had returned, it caused chaos and a long-drawn dispute which was reportedly settled by village elders. The elder arrived at the consensus to marry the women off to the men they originally intended to marry. The following day, the priest completed the wedding rituals for the right couples.

Dispute Over Sherwani

Another bemusing story from a wedding-related incident from Madhya Pradesh hit the headlines when a dispute broke out over a groom wearing ‘sherwani’ (men’s wedding couture) to his wedding. However, the bride’s family took objection to his choice of outfit. Reportedly, the two sides of the wedding party got into a violent clash after they hurled stones at each other. The fight broke out in Mangbaeda village on Saturday after relatives of the bride insisted the groom wear a ‘dhoti-kurta’ during the rituals as per tribal tradition and not a ‘sherwani’.


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