Have you ever seen a woman in a wrestling ring just a day before her wedding? Olympian wrestler Geeta Phogat is doing exactly that.

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Geeta is so serious about the Pro Wrestling League that she will continue practising until the day before the November 20 wedding and will return to the wrestling ring just three days after her marriage. She can be seen practising in the wrestling campus at her home under the supervision of her father and Dronacharya awardee Mahabir Phogat. Her brother Dushyant is her sparring partner during exercises. The whole family wants to see Geeta once again at the top in her weight category.

A few years ago, Geeta was at the top in her weight category. But Sakshi Malik has given her tough competition in many tournaments. Sakshi even won the medal in Rio Olympics, leaving Geeta behind. Geeta once again wants to regain her position. During season 1, she was at score of 8-8 against Sakshi but finally, Sakshi was declared the winner. “Sakshi  has taken her game to a challenging position,” said Geeta. “I wish her all the best, I am not thinking of revenge, yet I want to impress everyone,” she added.

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Geeta said her fiance Pavan is also an international wrestler. “We keep discussing many aspects of wrestling. We want to play in PWL. We don’t want to pressurize any franchise by playing in any one team. We will always wish good luck to each other, whatever the team may be. We have postponed our honeymoon till PWL. I can think of it only after winning the league.”

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Geeta will get married on November 20. Sangeet and mehendi will be started from November 16. Her brother Rahul said the marriage ceremony will take place at a resort located in Charkhi & Dadri district. Bollywood star Aamir Khan, Punjab royal’s co-owner Dharmpal and Trilok Chowdhry, WFI’ president Brijbhushan Sharan Singh will be present at the ceremony.

Feature Image Credit: The New Indian Express

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