Bride In Aligarh Demands Road Construction As Wedding Gift, Wins Hearts

bride demands road construction as wedding gift
The bride demands road construction as a wedding gift in the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. The demand was made to a Member of Parliament from the area who was present at a ceremony held post the wedding.

It is common for newlywed couples to get gifts from relatives and friends. These gifts range from ornaments in gold, diamond and silver to house utilities, god idols and cash.

However, in an unconventional and empowering case from a village in Aligarh, UP, a newlywed bride demanded the construction of a proper road in her village when asked what wedding gift she would like by the MP of the area. The bride’s demand stunned the guests and relatives present at the ceremony who weren’t expecting such a thoughtful demand.

Bride Demands Road Construction As Wedding Gift, Wins Hearts

The concern in the demand of the bride, reportedly named Priyanka, can easily be understood. Priyanka got married on April 2, 2022 to Deepanshu Sharma. She noticed that the village road was not in proper condition and was causing inconvenience to everyone. Hence, she voiced her concern in the form of a demand in front of MP Satish Gautam. Satish Gautam was attended at a post-wedding ceremony of the couple as he was unable to attend their wedding.

The bride’s response sent everyone present at the ceremony in shock. While the guests expected the bride to demand for some jewellery, appliance or cash gift, they would have never thought that the bride would ask for such an important yet unexpected thing.

In response to the newlywed’s demand, MP Satish Gautam reportedly said, “The road will be constructed within a month and any further damage will be quickly resolved. I was a little stunned to hear such a demand from a newly-wed woman but I feel happy on such a demand. The work has started.”

The father-in-law of the bride also reportedly confirmed that the MP has assured them that he will look into the matter and is open to any more infrastructural demands and concerns from the side of the villagers. As for the road, because of Priyanka’s thoughtfulness, the village will finally be getting a concrete road within a month, as told by the MP.

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