The Border Security Force (BSF), employs some of the most exceptional but less known women in the country. A report by Hindustan Times has revealed some stories of these unsung heroes who protect the international borders of the country.


One such woman, Asha Adhikari, from Uttarakhand, who currently serves at the Indo-Pakistan border in north Rajasthan’s Ganganagar district, has a remarkable story. Her father passed away, leaving the bride-to-be and the eldest daughter of the family responsible for her mother and three sisters. After deciding to call off her marriage, Adhikari joined the armed forces and is happy with her decision.


Being the first from her village to join the forces, Asha faced resistance from many; she however, stood by her decision. She believes that all the people who once taunted her, now silently admire her courage as their mindsets are slowly changing.


[Picture Courtesy: Anup Kumar Chaturvedi]


Manju Kanwar from Makrana, in Nagaur district, also joined the forces after the demise of her father. She told Hindustan Times, “As a child, I had a fascination for those in uniform. My father supported me. After he died, my mother was keen that I join the force.” She too faced resistance from the villagers but with support from her uncle and father she fulfilled her dream.


Reena Sharma is another woman who has made a mark for herself in the BSF. She got married to another BSF officer just six months ago and found support in her father.  Ravi Gandhi, BSF spokesperson said: “There were operational needs for inducting women personnel. All along the Indo-Pak border and in Bengal and the northeast farming is done beyond the fenced land under BSF supervision. There was no one to frisk the women when they went into the farms. So the mahila praharis were been deployed in border areas where farming is done. ”


ORIGINAL SOURCE: Hindustan Times